Solar 2.0

Premium 12 KW Ultra High Efficiency Inverter

Ultra Efficient High Capacity Inverter & Battery Charger

SEI Inverter 

 Industry Leading Features Include:

  • 12 Kw Capacity
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Automatic Generator Start
  • Sophisticated Multi-stage AC Charger
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

Proudly Australian Designed

Sophisticted Multi-Stage Charging

The inverter is equipped with an active PFC (Power Factor Correction) multistage battery charger. The PFC feature is used to control the amount of power used to charge the batteries in order to obtain a power factor as close as possible to 1.


Bulk Charging

While Bulk Charging, the charger supplies the battery with a controlled constant current. The charger will remain in Bulk charge until the Absorption charge voltage is achieved.

Absorb Charging

Absorb Charging provides the batteries with a constant voltage and reduces the DC charging current in order to maintain the absorb voltage setting.

Float Charging

While Float charging, the charge voltage is reduced to the float charge voltage. In this stage, the batteries are kept fully charged and ready if needed by the inverter.

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“Maximum Power Point Tracking” frequently referred to as MPPT, is an electronic system that operates the Photovoltaic (PV) modules in a manner that allows the modules to produce all the power they are capable of. The PV-seeker Charge controller is a microprocessor-based system designed to implement the MPPT. And it can increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to traditional charge controllers.


While in the Standby Mode, the AC input is continually monitored. Whenever AC power falls below the VAC Trip voltage (164 VAC, default setting for 230VAC or 240VAC), the inverter automatically transfers back to the inverter Mode with minimum interruption to your appliances – as long as the inverter is turned on. The transfer from Standby mode to Inverter mode occurs in less than 8 milliseconds. And it is the same time from Inverter mode to Standby mode.

Auto Frequency Adjust

The inverter has an Auto Frequency adjust function. The factory default configuration for 220/230/240VAC inverter is 50Hz, while the output frequency can be easily changed once a qualified frequency is applied to the inverter. If you want to get 60Hz from a 50Hz inverter, just input 60Hz power, and the inverter will automatically adjust the output frequency to 60Hz and vice versa.