SHARP ENERGY INVESTMENTS (SEI) was established to meet the ever -increasing demand for high-quality, high- efficiency renewable energy products.

The company understands that all Australians are concerned about the rising energy costs and the ever increasing greenhouse emissions. With this in mind, SEI has concentrated its efforts to design, produce and manufacture innovative, reliable and affordable renewable energy products.

Over the past 5 years, SEI has assembled a hand-picked team whose members have extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry.

In the last five years, SEI’s research has advanced the development stage to the thorough testing of our unique products under Australian conditions and subsequently to the achievement of outstanding results.

The stage is now set for the launch of these Australian-designed and Australian-developed renewable energy products, which SEI believes are some of the world’s most efficient.

The ideals set in motion 5 years ago and characterised by a mindset of affordability and focussed on the need to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, has been achieved with the products in this release initially to the Australian market and then worldwide. Energy efficiency and affordability is, after all, a world-wide issue.

SEI is continuing its research in the field of renewable energy products – the ultimate aim being total energy independence.


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